Growth Essence BE4

This is one of the Christchurch Blended Essences, and is used to help with growth, and learning from illnesses and life experiences. The colours of the flowers form a rainbow.

Marigold is for regarding illness as an opportunity for growth, and St John’s Wort for understanding that true health is a state of balance and harmony. Lobelia is for releasing old blocks and stuck energy, Fuchsia is for emotional flow, and Gentian is for transmuting personality.

On the physical plane Growth Essence has to do with awareness and the meaning of illness. On the mental plane it can help with willingness to undergo change, and on the spiritual plane it can help with growing through life experiences.

The flowers in the Growth Essences are: Gentian, Fuchsia, Lobelia, Marigold and St John’s Wort.

The usual dose is 4 drops 4 times a day, or as directed.