Openness Essence BE9

This is one of the Christchurch Blended Essences, and has to do with accepting and opening to your inner self.

Magnolia has to do with acceptance of inner depths. Hyacinth is related to grace and gentleness, and Red Rhododendron to understanding the power of sensitivity and openness. White Magnolia and Weeping Prunus have to do with a flowering of femininity. All are related to developing the feminine side in both women and men.

On the physical plane Openness Essence is related to sexuality and women’s issues, on the mental plane to developing gentleness and sensitivity, and on the spiritual plane to acknowledging and opening to the Yang, the Shakti energy, and the creative forces.

The flowers in the Openness Essence are: Hyacinth, Magnolia, Magnolia – Red, Rhododendron – Pink and Weeping Prunus.

The usual dose is 4 drops 4 times a day, or as directed.