Spring Kit 1



Opening of potential

For opening and unfolding of the individual's full potential, in the light of one's soul.



Expressing wholeness

For a shyness or diffidence in expressing one's own true worth or value, to help in unfolding and expressing the wholeness of who one really is.



Centred and clear

For transforming a sense of sadness and being weighed down by past experiences, so that one can become centred and clear in one's own current surroundings.


SP04camelliadoubleCamellia - Double

Anticipation of change

To transform feelings of apprehension and fear about changes into a sense of divine anticipation about opportunities for growth and development


SP05camelliapinkCamellia - Pink

Grow with comfort

For fear about settling into a comfortable lifestyle, so that one can feel to free to grow and play without being constricted by other people's definitions and expectations.


SP06camelliaredCamellia - Red

Claiming sovereignty

For reluctance to acknowledge one's true worth, and claim one's sovereignty, to transform the fear ofbeing a master in one's own right.


SP07camelliawhiteCamellia - White

Orderly lifestyle

For reluctance and fear to make the necessary changes to produce a more orderly lifestyle, so that one can have a framework for evolving and unfolding one's true self.


SP08cherryblossomCherry Blossom

Serenity and joy

To help lift a cloud or weight from one's aura, to restore calm and a quiet joy in the processes and progressions of life.



Flourish in the present

For the ability to flourish in the present, without needing a structure or formal context, so that one can express oneself fully in the present.


SP10crabappleCrab Apple

Enjoy one's true worth

For cleansing of a sense of shame and unworthiness, often showing as a veneer of irritability and resentment. To enable one to step aside from one's previous bitterness, and enjoy one's true worth.


SP11daffodilDaffodil - Actaea

Clarity and attunement

For tendency to present a false and self-indulgent person to the world, so that one can become more compassionate and gentle with oneself, and so act with more clarity, transparency and attunement.


SP12daffodilkingalfredDaffodil - King Alfred

Enjoyment, verve, creativity

For a lack of energy and enthusiasm in one's life, to produce an uplifting and elevating vibration, so that one can have more enjoyment, verve and creativity in the various aspects of one's life.


SP13daffodilwhiteDaffodil - White

Broadening of experience

For a tendency towards impatience and intolerance, to produce a broadening of one's conscious experience of life, so that one's energy and enthusiasm can be used for inspiring purposes.



Balance in activities

To overcome or prevent a degree of weariness during constant or long-term endeavours, and allow a selfless determination in discharging one's responsibilities, while still allowing an all-round balance in the rest of life's activities.