Spring Kit 2


Hope and cheer

To help with confusion and darkness, to bring a fresh sense of hope and cheer, and a glimmer of joy in the potential and promise of the future.



Fineness of experience

For a sense of heaviness and weight in one's life, so that one can experience an even and smooth sense of the delicacy and fineness of life's experiences.



Connectedness of life

For an awkwardness, uncertainty and diffidence in relating to others, to transform and transmute the depths of one's personality and lead to a sense of connectedness to all of life.


SP18grapehyacinthGrape Hyacinth

Harmonious and upright

For when there has been an abuse of one's power, energy and emotions, to allow a glorifying and uplifting transformation, so that one can live a harmonious and upright life.


Grace, openness, gentleness

For when one has allowed oneself to be used or abused fora false sense of security, to develop a strengthening of one's integrity, so that one can live a life of grace, openness and gentleness.


Straightforward and honest

For a fragility in presenting oneself to the outside world, and a tendency to change to fit in with others. Allows an improvement in the ability to acknowledge one's true beauty, and to present oneself in a straightforward and honest manner.


Acceptance of inner depths

For a bashfulness about acknowledging one's femininity, to develop a grandness and flourishing of one's external beauty, with an acceptance and acknowledgement of one's inner depths.

SP22magnoliastarMagnolia - Star

Attunement to higher realms

For when there are blockages to sensitivity and receptivity, to allow an opening of intuition, and lead to a finer attunement with the higher realms and the dimensions of light.

SP23magnoliawhiteMagnolia - White

Flowering of femininity

For awkwardness in adolescence, to allow a rounded emergence of womanhood, and delicate flowering of femininity.



Positive emotions and behaviour

For when one is subject to swinging moods and emotions. So that one may pull a balance into the various aspects of one's being, and provide a framework for positive emotions and behaviour.


Rested and balanced

For a tendency for tiredness, or tiredness after meditation. Stimulates immunity, and strengthens the body and mind leading, to a rested and balanced energy state.


SP26pansyjokerPansy - Joker

Face sensitive issues

For sadness and weariness related to emotional issues, often showing as ill-humour, moroseness or a black wit. Allows one to face sensitive issues, leading to a more relaxed and constructive form of behaviour.


Enthusism to continue

For when one is dishearted or discouraged after seemingly futile effort. To give enthusiasm to continue in a light and joyful manner, and eventually claim the fruit of one's endeavours.


Connected to inner glow

For when one wishes to have more vision, clarity and light in one's life. To strengthen the connection to one's core, so that one can radiate light with precision and intensity.