Spring Kit 3



Develop true image

For those who are overwhelmed by being in a confused and blurred environment, who cope by shutting themselves out, and developing a negative veneer. To focus on allowing one's own colours to emerge, and developing one's true image, so that one can add one's own imprint to the processes of life.

SP30rhododendronpinkRhododendron - Pink

Present oneself clearly

For a shyness in presenting oneself to others during adolescence. To allow a new social role to emerge, and so present oneself in one's best light, with a sense of clarity and delicacy.

SP31rhododendronredRhododendron - Red

Power of sensitivity and openness

To help with an ambivalence about how to present oneself honestly in an adult social setting. To enable one to acknowledge the power of sensitivity and openness, and thus be compatible within a group while still presenting one's own individuality.

SP32rhododendronwineRhododendron - Wine

Bridging old and new

To help establish a positive social role in later life. So that one can step aside from the bustle of activity, and allow a natural radiance and serenity to emerge, bridging the gap between the old and the new.


Clear and courageous

For situations of alienation, in a harsh environment, to enable one to rise above one's limitations and present a clear and courageous beauty to the world.


SP34soleildorSoleil D'or

Warmth and strength

To help with states of despair, the dark night of the soul. To bring a fresh sense of hope and joy, and a glow of golden warmth and emerging strength.


SP35starofbethlehemStar of Bethlehem

Peace, well-being, joy

For when one is overwhelmed by life's experiences, allowing an angelic and ethereal assistance, leading to an unexplainable feeling of peace, well-being and great joy.



Opening channel upwards

For the process of opening one's channel upwards, to assist in spinning light from one's core to the higher spaces, to build a connection to finer awareness.



Harmonious in social group

For when one would feel inept and isolated in a group situation, to allow an allround and balanced personal development, so that one can fit harmoniously into one's social circle, and work for the overall good of the group.


Warmth, trust and openness

For a tendency to be shy, to shrink back to protect one's individual sense of self. To transmute and transform these delicate and retiring tendencies, and develop a warmth, trust and openness in personal and group situations.

SP39weepingprunusWeeping Prunus

Softening of femininity

For women in the midlife who are irritable and depressed, easily offended, and indifferent to their family and friends. To produce a softening of attitudes, and restore a delicate sense of femininity, allowing a willingness to nurture and be nurtured, and discovering true fulfilment of womanhood.

SP40winterroseWinter Rose

Inner peace, staying in own energy

For inner peace, so that one can stay in one's own experience, and retain one's own identity and integrity without being affected by others. To help one remain in one's own energy flow, and maintain an inner sense of purpose, power, focus and peace.

SP41yellowhooppetticoatYellow Hoop Petticoat

Transmit light and radience

For when the next stage of growth is to transmit light and radiance out into the world to awaken others. Helps one become a beacon, with the ability to shift and heal others, and to send out radiance to bring everything around to a higher level.