Using the Christchurch Flower Essences

Relief Essence, Blended Essences, and Personal Dose bottles have yellow labels, and are used as Dose Bottles, usually in the dose of 4 drops 4 times a day.
Relief Flowers, Blended Flowers, Rose Flowers and the Spring and Summer Flowers have purple labels, are Stock Bottles in the Practitioner Kits.

To choose flower essences for you, a friend or a client, you can look at the indications for each essence, and the keywords for its use. Looking at the photos can also help with attunement to the essences. You can also search on symptoms in the Repertory.

You can use the Dose Record Sheet to record your choices, and either order the Personal Dose Bottle from us, or dispense it from your own kits.

Personal Dose Bottles, Relief Essence, and the Blended Essences can be sent individually. The Flower Essences in the Relief Essence are not dispensed separately, and are only available as a synergistic blend. The Flowers (Stock Bottles) are only available as sets.